13 Dec 2019 Figure 1 – Low inertia mitigation measures . representing Energinet, Fingrid, Svenska kraftnät, and Statnett, i.e. the Nordic TSOs who are 


impose appropriate risk mitigation measures to ensure that exposure of humans, animals and the environment is minimised; indføre passende risikobegrænsende foranstaltninger for at sikre, at eksponeringen af mennesker, dyr og miljø minimeres

In this research, a flood analysis in Zimbabwe was assessed utilizing AQUEDUCT Global Flood Analyzer for the impact analysis, which is based on the GDP, population and the present and future, urban damage up … measures deemed appropriate for the nature of the business operations. 3. Health and Safety Guidelines: As a mitigation measure, please certify that your company has taken the following steps: ☐ Communicates and educates employees and management to carry out COVID-19 mitigation … Risk mitigation measure . Conditions.

Mitigation measure svenska

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Close. We evaluate and propose measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A Swedish methodology, Plan B, is developed for investigation and planning of extreme rain events by means of flood simulation models. This thesis had its  26 Mar 2014 The study also shows that silvicultural methods to increase forest biomass Forestry's contribution to climate change mitigation could be  Then pressure arises to mitigate measures and to permit more exclusions. expand_more Då uppstår ett tryck för att mildra bestämmelserna och tillåta fler  20 Nov 2018 Knowing the factors that drive WTP for mitigating air travel emissions in a the highest bid, further measures were taken to counteract hypothetical bias.

Översättningar av ord MITIGATION från engelsk till svenska och exempel på användning OECD project on Exposure Measurement and Exposure Mitigation;.

Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "mitigation measures" – Svensk-engelsk ordbok och sökmotor för svenska översättningar. Many translated example sentences containing "mitigation measures" – Swedish-English dictionary and search engine for Swedish translations. Any implementation of mitigation measures has to be timely, comprehensive and accompanied by appropriate regulatory action addressing the root causes of the crisis.

Fatigue Mitigation during COVID-19. As the aviation industry adapts to the restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19, the regular fatigue measures for flights 

Comment from Roy M Anderson, Hans Heesterbeek, Don  Svensk sjöfart antar gemensam branschstandard för säkert resande COVID-19 Government Public Health Mitigation Measures · https://reopen.europa.eu/sv/  15 Apr 2020 Interventions 5 different non-pharmaceutical public-health interventions including the mitigation strategy of the Swedish government as of 10  22 Dec 2020 Svenska; English; Eesti travel to the EU via Sweden to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and reduce the spread of virus. The travel This is an exceptional measure that will not apply for longer than nec 1 Jul 2020 Svenska; English The aim of the entry ban is, as previously, to mitigate the effects of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and reduce the This is an exceptional measure that will not apply for longer than necessary. 2 Apr 2020 The Namibian Directorate of Inland Revenue has implemented measures with effect from 30 March 2020 to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on  In the roadmap towards fossil free cement industry in Sweden [31], it is described that the main.

Mitigation measure svenska

Alternative pesticides or pest management options should be available for these uses.
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Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculturally drained peatlands mitigation measures in national emissions inventories, and opportunities for  Sweden's unique response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been the subject of significant controversy in both domestic and international circles. Unlike most countries, which strongly recommended widespread sector closures, quarantining, and lockdown measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019, by a risk assessment and, if necessary, followed by   These may affect adherence to COVID-19 containment measures and worsen the effect of the virus on slum residents. mitigation measure 社会科学. resident  Keynote I: Numerical modelling of discharge fluctuation mitigation measure for optimizing hydropower plant operations – Omid Saberi (NTNU). Avhandlingar om MITIGATION MEASURES.

- English Only forum risk mitigation vs risk reduction - English Only forum the corrosion mitigation techniques - English Only forum mitigation measure translation in English-Swedish dictionary. Any procedure or action undertaken to reduce the adverse impacts that a project or activity may have on the environment.(Source: TOE) The phrase may be assigned as a risk-mitigation measure to avoid any potential contamination of groundwater or surface water under vulnerable conditions (e.g. associated to soil type, topography or for drained soils), if an evaluation according to the uniform principles shows for one or more of the labelled uses that risk-mitigation measures are necessary to avoid unacceptable effects.
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Characteristics of Impact Mitigation Measures Proposed mitigation measures should be able to describe; 1 theimpactitwillavoid mitigateorcompensate 9. , when implemented, 2. an assessment of the effectiveness of protection measures, 3. the next best alternative, 4. the cost of the protection measures, 5. and the implementation plan for putting

mildrande åtgärd. en Any procedure or action undertaken to reduce the adverse impacts that a project or activity may have on the environment.